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The BlogTop 10 Must-do Things in Japan for Craft Beer Lovers
The Blog

Top 10 Must-do Things in Japan for Craft Beer Lovers

November 25, 2015

As you may have heard, Patrick and Charlie just got back from a whirlwind amazing beer adventure in Japan.  We ate, we drank, we barely slept and we fell in love with this amazing island nation.  Here is our Top 10 List of must-do items (if you are a beer-lover) in Japan.


  1. Eat sushi for breakfast, buy craft beer from 7-11 and then drink it as youstroll the morning streets of Tokyo among millions of black suited Japanese business people on their way to work.IMG_1284
  2.  Put some Yen into the vending machine at a ramen shop and try to guess what flavor you’ll get.  They are all delicious, come in a steaming heap with veggies, pork, and amazingly flavorful broth.  Repeat this good decision at 3 a.m.IMG_1763
  3. Handle some nice melons. Get your mind out of the gutter!  These perfectly round and beautiful melons cost $200.  They can be found in the basement of the Tokyu Department store just down the aisle from our beer.  
    DSCF5621 (1)
  4. Check out one of the craft beer bars cropping up all over Tokyo and Japan.  Our favorite was Center For Hamburger in Takayama, Denver’s sister city.  They make an amazing burger smothered in black pepper, only have 10 seats, and a mini fridge filled with a random assortment of craft beer from all over the world.IMG_2234
  5. Arm wrestle a tiny Japanese woman and lose terribly.  Ask Charlie how this is done. 

    DSCF5645 (1)
  6. Pour a taster of Incredible Pedal for the Mayor of Takayama and see the surprise and wonder at what
    beer can taste like to someone who has only ever tried Asahi.IMG_2149
  7. Hang out in a Onsen late nigh t and sip a few beers with some dudes.  No pants allowed, just be sure to hide your butt tattoo.
  8. Tour a 200 year old Sake brewery and taste every flavor.  Sake ranges in alcohol levels and is often flavored.  We recommend Funesake’s lemon and plum sakes.IMG_2225
  9. Enjoy a moment of Zen at the Meiji Shrine or the Imperial Gardens.  Japanese gardens will put your landscaping skills to shame.IMG_1752
  10. Pop an ambien for that direct flight home to Denver. If you are the CEO of the airport, your bag comes out first. If you work for Denver Beer Co., you bag comes out second to last.


And what is the biggest takeaway? The Japanese are very warm and friendly and share our love for everything beer; we can’t wait to go back explore more of this beautiful and intriguing country.



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