Community & Sustainability

At Denver Beer Co., we believe in the importance of environmental stewardship.  We have one planet and we believe it is our corporate and social responsibility to help conserve and protect our resources. Each year we examine our energy and utility usage, materials, ingredient sourcing, waste, and overall community and environmental impact to make sure we are operating Denver Beer Co. in the most sustainable, responsible way possible. In addition to the statistics below, we make an annual effort to partner with local outdoor environmental advocates to promote outdoor education, leave no trace, and environmental responsibility.

Here are a few of the stats we are proud to report as part of our sustainability efforts:

  1. 95% of our malt for brewing is sourced from Colorado.

  2. 100% of our water is from the Platte River in Colorado.

  3. When possible, we source our hops and yeast from Colorado.

  4. We stagger our electricity usage throughout the day and night which lowers our peak demand and allows the energy grid to operate more efficiently.

  5. We have positioned our breweries in close proximity to bike trails to encourage patrons to bike as opposed to drive to our locations.

  6. Our breweries utilize ultra high efficiency hot water heaters to minimize energy usage during brewing.

  7. The glycol lines in our Canworks brewery are ultra-insulated to reduce heat transfer and loss.

  8. All of our breweries utilizes heat exchangers for heat recovery from brew kettle to hot liquor tank meaning hot water is conserved and can be used for the next brew or cleaning.

  9. All of our major equipment pumps utilize Variable Frequency Drive pumps which reduces our loads to use only exactly what we need.

  10. We have installed motion sensor lights in our industrial sized cooler, curtains and heavily insulated door to minimize energy usage.

  11. Our Canworks brewery has large-grade skylights which helps reduce our use of lighting during most brewing hours in the entire facility.

  12. Our breweries utilize over 90% LED lighting to reduce energy usage.

  13. Our Canworks brewery has a new roof with updated insulation and white reflective coating to minimize hot/cold transfer and thus reduces our need to heat/cool the building.

  14. Our Canworks brewery utilizes a centrifuge for dry hopping. This practice reduces ingredients required by optimizing aroma extraction and simplifying the dry hopping process.

  1. Our new high-efficiency canning line utilizes an ionized air-rinse for sanitation and better low-fill quality detection.  With less low-fill beers we minimize both water usage and material waste.

  2. Our Platte St brewery utilizes waterless urinals which save thousands of gallons of water each year.

  1. Denver Beer Co Canworks has a new high-efficiency 1.47 MMBtu/hr single-process boiler without a low NOx burner. This boiler is exempt from air pollution emissions reporting according to Regulation 3 II.D.1.k.

  1. We use only cardboard packaging for easier recycling and to reduce risk of wildlife entanglement in plastic rings.

  2. We transport all spent grain to local farm for cattle feed thus repurposing a large portion of our organic brewing materials.

  3. We have instigated an internal recycling program to ensure cans, pallets,and cardboard materials are properly recycled.

  4. We repurpose grain bags as trash bags and to transport cans to the recycling facility.

  5. All of our breweries utilize electric hand dryers which save 1,000’s of paper towels each year.

Inquiries or questions? Please contact:
Lindsey Smith
Energy Efficiency & Sustainability Engineer