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Like to drink beers while watching big machinery?

Explore our Canworks Facility while sampling Denver Beer Co beers along the way. Our full time staff will be there to guide you and answer any questions you may have. Tour group size is limited to 15 guests per tour. Private tours for smaller groups are also available.

For more information or to schedule your tour, please email us at [email protected].

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Brewed & Canned with Sunshine

We are committed to operating in the most sustainable, responsible way possible.

We are Committed To Colorado

At Denver Beer Co we believe in the importance of environmental stewardship. We have one planet and we believe it is our corporate and social responsibility to help conserve and protect our resources. As part of our commitment to Colorado, we implement sustainability measures to ensure a greener future for our communities and our state.

Our sustainability commitments include:

  • Operating on 100% solar power
  • Implementing a CO2 capture and recycling program
  • Locally sourcing materials
  • Utilizing a brewery-wide recycling program

We are brewed with Sunshine!

Our Canworks production facility is run on 100% solar power and each can, bottle, and keg is produced with 100% clean energy. Our roof contains a 258 kW solar array which powers our entire production facility with clean energy captured during our 300 days of Colorado sunshine.

Our sales team cruises around town in EVs, powered by the solar panels on our roof. Each member of the sales team is estimated to drive 11,500 miles per year and are proud to do so in our fleet of Nissan Leaf EVs.

One of the first small-scale breweries to implement CO2 capture technology.

Denver Beer Co is proud to implement Earthly Lab’s innovative carbon dioxide capture technology which captures and stores excess carbon dioxide produced during the beer fermentation process for reuse. Each year Denver Beer Co will capture over 100,000 lbs of carbon dioxide with this technology to be recycled and reused by other industries, ensuring it is not emitted into the environment.


Colorado Environmental Leadership Award

Denver Beer Co is a proud recipient of The Environmental Leadership Program (ELP) Award. ELP is a statewide program that recognizes and awards organizations in Colorado that go beyond compliance with environmental regulations by advancing sustainability in Colorado. The goal is to support organizations in Colorado in increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their operations.