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The BlogThis Beergarita cocktail recipe is so…tartsy
The Blog

This Beergarita cocktail recipe is so…tartsy

April 9, 2020

Ah, this spring weather has us feeling like we need a beergarita. Beer-ga-wha? If you haven’t tried one of these yet, it’s time to dust off that blender and find your pink Himalayan sea salt. Smooth like lemonade, we’ve been known to down this bevie in about two minutes. And then hastily head back to the blender to whip up another. Don’t worry, since you’ll be sipping these in the private comfort of your back patio, no one will know that you’ve had two before your afternoon zoom meeting. We doubt your S.O./roommate/dog will judge either. So, ready to start blending? First off, make sure you’ve grabbed a 6-pack of our brand-new Tart Delight lime sour. It’s pretty key for the situation that’s about to happen.



1/2 cup simple syrup (Boil 1/2 cup water + 5 tbsp sugar, stir constantly till sugar dissolves)
4 oz Suerte silver tequila (Suerte is a local Colorado distiller, one of our faves!)
12 oz  Denver Beer Co Tart Delight 
Juice of one lime, plus zest
1 1/2 cups ice cubes
2 tbsp sea salt for glass rim (you know, that fancy salt you got in your stocking this year)


1. Create your simple syrup by boiling water, adding the sugar, stirring it all up a couple of times. Made your simple syrup, check, day complete. Just kidding, not quite. Make sure that syrup cools completely before moving on, you don’t want a luke-warm beergarita. This is probably a good time to crack open a Tart Delight to enjoy while that shit cools.

2. As you stare blankly out the window sipping your Tart Delight and watching neighbors jog by, also consider preparing the rimming salt by mixing the salt with the zest of the lime and spreading it all around a plate.

3. Once you’ve finished the Tart Delight and the syrup is cool, it’s time to move on. Squeeze out the juice from the same lime you zested into your blender. Save the lime halves for garnish, you’ll want it for your Insta snap. Next add the ice, simple syrup and Suerte tequila to the blender. Crack open two more Tart Delights, one to put in the Beergarita, one to enjoy while you pulse that blender. Keep pulsin’ till it’s smooth. Add the Tart Delight to the blender and gently stir it in. It’ll have a nice little foam on top. Yum.

4. Finally, use the lime pieces to moisten the rim of your cup and dip into the salt/lime zest mix. Pour the Tart Delight beergarita and garnish with a thin lime wedge. Take out outside, close eyes, sip slowly. Attempt to set up an Insta selfie featuring your best COVID life. Give up. Drain rest of beergarita. Make round two. Realize zoom meeting starts in 5 minutes. Pour beergartia #2 into coffee mug and ready! 

Stay tuned, next week we’ll share our recipe for Quarantine Coffee. It’s just like normal coffee but it has a Tart Delight Beergarita in it and also no coffee. Cheers and stay well, Denver!

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