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The BlogNews Flash: Beer Pairs Well with Parties
The Blog

News Flash: Beer Pairs Well with Parties

December 15, 2013

he craft beer culture is definitely alive and well here is Colorado, however, there are still some folks out there (my mother-in-law) who aren’t quite convinced (gasp!) So, before we write those people out of our wills or unfriend them on Facebook, I have an idea to help encourage these fuddy-duds to open their minds to the amazingness of beer. (this would also be great for folks who already appreciate the amazingness of beer. AKA: our true friends)

Host a Beer Pairing Party!

This gives all of those folks a chance to explore and try a wide variety of beer in a small sips. It will also show off how complex and diverse beer can be.

Set up 3-4 stations of paired food and beer. At each station, have the beer set up with small tasting cups, cocktail plates & napkins and the corresponding food. Here is a sample menu:

Station 1: Cheese Plate
Camembert with saison or farmhouse ale
gouda with ESB
blue cheese with American IPA

Station 2: Charcuterie
prosciutto with witbier
Genoa salami with rye ale
chicken liver pate’ with Belgian quad

Station 3: Dessert
chocolate covered toffee with barleywine
peanut butter chocolate tort with porter or stout

There are tons of different pairings you can set up! Whether you convince the non-beer lovers or not, after a night of pairing great food with great beer, you will forgive them and love them anyway.


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