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The BlogI’m really excited about 2013
The Blog

I’m really excited about 2013

February 9, 2013

It’s an exciting time down here at the Brewery.  The Barrel Room is open, our new tanks are installed and we are ready to make some good beers.  After non-stop construction and a flurry or hiring over the past few months, we are ready to take the next step in our little brewery’s future.

us in our 1st ever corporate meeting
us in our 1st ever corporate meeting

Last year we brewed over 170 different styles of beer, everything from Belgians, to Stouts, and more varieties of pale ales then I can count.  We brewed pale ales with all Centennial hops, pale ales with German hops, and pale ales with Colorado grown malt.  If I had to chose a favorite, I think mine is a classic take on the American Pale ale –  you know, the one that Sierra Nevada makes so well.  Yesterday, we brewed up 15 barrels of our classic American pale ale. We call ours Confluence, named after our location in the original heart of Denver at the confluence of Cherry Creek and the South Platte River.  Ours is a simple recipe made with with just a few great ingredients which allows each to shine.  American Pale malt, a touch of German Munich Malt, and hint of two different British Crystal malts  combine to create a balanced malt bill.  Add in a whole bunch of American Summit, Centennial, and Cascade hops and finish her off with a boatload of Cascade and German Hallertau.  A bit malty and a whole lot hoppy, but not too bitter.  Just how we like it down here at the Confluence.

new tanks on arival day
new tanks on arival day

So what other beers are coming down the pike you ask?  Well we now have ten fermentors, eight brite beer tanks, and room full of twenty oak barrels for aging beer. That means we can brew up some unique beers that require aging before the flavors are just right.  So hell, thats what we did.  Into tank #7 went a big fat Russian Imperial Stout.  Brewed with 8 different kinds of malted barley this guy needs a few months for the flavors to meld together to create the bold viscous beer we want.  Into tank #4 went a saison with a little bit of brettanomyces that will age in French Chardonnay barrels for over 3 months.  And into tank #2 went a beer brewed, like whole grain bread, with over 8 different grains, including farro, wheat, sorghum and millet.  Look for those beers coming out a bit later than sooner.

Maybe we’ll have a bit more time to write our blahg while these beers are aging.  In the meantime look for BeerForceOne around town!

Beer Force one
Beer Force one


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