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The BlogDenver Beer Co. Purchases Fleet of Electric Vehicles to Power Sales Team
The Blog

Denver Beer Co. Purchases Fleet of Electric Vehicles to Power Sales Team

April 22, 2021

In honor of Earth Day, 100% solar powered brewery adds fleet of EVs to list of sustainability initiatives

Denver, Colo. (April 22, 2021) – Denver Beer Co. today announced the purchase of three electric vehicles to be utilized by its sales team. Denver Beer Co. purchased the Nissan Leaf EV cars so that members of the sales team can travel emission-free while delivering beer and making sales calls around the state of Colorado and Wyoming. Each electric vehicle is charged overnight using a newly installed EV charging station and electricity generated by the solar power array on the roof of the Denver Beer Co Canworks facility. Denver Beer Co plans to purchase additional EVs as needs of the sales team grow.

Each member of the sales team is estimated to drive 11,500 miles per year and were, prior to the purchase of the EVs, using gas-powered vehicles to make sales calls. Denver Beer Co estimates that the Nissan Leafs will save 13.8 metric tons of carbon emissions per year. 

“The Denver Beer Co Nissan Leaf EVs are one more step that we are taking to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact,” shared Denver Beer Co co-founder Patrick Crawford. “Every small step counts and we are looking for every possible opportunity to operate our brewery in the most sustainable way possible. The EVs are a no-brainer, electric cars are the future, and we are proud to be an early adapter.”

The addition of the Nissan Leaf EVs is one of many sustainability initiatives that the brewery has implemented over the past several years. In addition, Denver Beer Co’s Canworks production facility is run on 100% solar power, meaning each can, bottle, and keg is produced with 100% clean energy. Another major sustainability initiative is the brewery’s use of Earthly Lab’s innovative carbon dioxide capture technology which captures and stores excess carbon dioxide produced during the beer fermentation process for reuse. Each year Denver Beer Co will capture over 100,000 lbs of carbon dioxide with this technology to be recycled and reused by other industries, ensuring it is not emitted into the environment. Further, Denver Beer Co. uses high efficiency machinery in its manufacturing process, LED lighting, locally sourced ingredients, and has implemented an internal recycling program. 

“As always, we remain committed to Colorado and our collective future,” continued Crawford. “Our vision is of a greener Colorado. Plus, beer brewed sustainably just tastes better!”

For more information on the Denver Beer Co.’s sustainability and community initiatives, visit  or follow us on social media @DenverBeerCo. 


About Denver Beer Co.

Independently owned and operated, Denver Beer Co. is founded on the core belief that beer is serious fun. Using locally sourced grain and the finest ingredients available, traditional methods and innovative spirit, our team creates craft beer that is approachable, fun, damn delicious and consistently wins awards to prove it.  We believe in environmental stewardship and our corporate responsibility to operate sustainably which is why we produce our beer using 100% clean solar power. We believe in creating and supporting an accepting community where good beer can be enjoyed with friends and neighbors, loved ones and strangers. 

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