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The BlogDear Mr. Monfort…
The Blog

Dear Mr. Monfort…

May 5, 2021

Dear Mr. Monfort,

Denver Beer Co, and the fans of the Colorado Rockies, hereby officially extend an offer to purchase the Colorado Rockies. Through a crowdfunded effort on GoFundMe, we’ve raised a total of $6,210. We had over 1000 fans participate in this campaign, and we feel as though we have barely skimmed the surface.  If accepted, this offer will place ownership of the franchise amongst the true fans who contributed to the effort to purchase the organization. This is a fantastic opportunity to relieve yourself of the pressure of running the organization and to receive the goodwill of our community in the process. 

We love this city and are very appreciative of what Rockies baseball has done for Denver. However, as fans of the team, we have had enough. It is time to give someone else a chance to shoulder the burden of the baseball business in Denver. Please consider selling to the fans of this city. Rockies fans deserve a team that has been curated with the goal of winning championships. 

One of the biggest issues has been culture and in our opinion, culture is a reflection of those in charge. With the remarkable fans having a hand in ownership, we’ll commit to building a winning culture reflective of our local values, and to securing the talent that will put the Colorado Rockies back in the World Series. The Rockies will be run on a “for-trophies” basis with any and all profits plowed back into the team in pursuit of victories. Importantly, we 100% guarantee we’ll be pouring a fantastic beer selection at the beautiful ballpark in LoDo.

If you decline this opportunity to pass on ownership of the team to the fans, we’ll donate all of what we’ve raised to the Angel Relief Fund. This organization provides financial support for hospitality industry employees encountering extraordinary hardship and negative economic impact from the effects of Covid-19. We would encourage you to match this donation. 

Thank you for considering our offer. 


Denver Beer Co 

On behalf of Colorado Rockies fans everywhere

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