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The Blog#DBCExplorer Challenge Update – 36 Hour Challenge!
The Blog

#DBCExplorer Challenge Update – 36 Hour Challenge!

August 7, 2015

Attention #DBCExplorers!

We have one month remaining in the DBC Explorer Challenge!  That means you have one month from today to get your total of at least 25 of 36 secret GPS coordinates around the state!

“Wait back up – what is the DBC Explorer Challenge?” dbcexplorer_how-to_graphic_2015

It’s easy, snag some cans of our Incredible Pedal IPA, Graham Cracker Porter, or Princess Yum Yum and discover the unique GPS coordinates on each can.  Make your way to each spot, snap a pic, and submit them here:http://denverbeerco.com/dbc-explorer-submissions/

Visit 25 of the 36 locations and you are in the running to win FREE BEER for a YEAR.

“But I only have one month to visit 25 locations?”

NBD.  As your DBC Explorer Ambassador I’m going to show you that it is possible to visit 25 spots in one month. Next week I’m going to do the amazing DBC Explorer #36HourChallenge.

“The wha?”

Starting at 9 a.m. on Thursday, August 13, I’m going to see how many DBC Explorer locations I can visit within 36 hours.  Its the challenge within the challenge!  My goal is to reach 25 locations in 36 hours.  Yep.  25 in 36 hours – think I can do it?  At the very least I’ll have some sweet video footage to document the journey.

“You’re Cra-Cra!”

I challenge you to take the #36HourChallenge too, Denver!  If you make it to 25 spots in 36 hours, or if you beat my record, (and you can prove it!), I’ll give you a sweet prize pack with Denver Beer Co. swag and beer.  If you’ve got what it takes to be the ultimate explorer, I want to see it.  36 hours to see who the ultimate explorer is!

So far, this summer has been full of amazing events and great people who share a love of adventure and tasty beer.  Whether you made it out for our 14er hike at Mt. Bierstadt, Cornhole tournament at Canworks, or to hike Royal Arch, I hope you’ve had a blast so far, and I hope to see you along the way for the duration of the challenge.


Now is the time to make that final push to win free beer for a year!! And if I see you along the way? I promise to give you all the swag you need to help you finish strong. (Who knows, there may even be some free beer to enjoy.)

Thank you for all the submissions and posts on social media so far, it’s been awesome to see everyone having a great time with great beer.  Remember to keep posting and exploring, one month to go until the contest is over and the big winner is announced!

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