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The BlogCollaboration CELEBRATION!
The Blog

Collaboration CELEBRATION!

October 10, 2013

We are getting excited for Friday and the tapping party for our four Collaboration brews. If you haven’t already heard, we will be closing down 17th Street and hosting a PARTY!!!  The Collaboration Celebration will feature beers co-brewed with four of the country’s top breweries. Since our inception, we have been scheming of a way to serve guest beers at Denver Beer Co.  We get just as giddy about the brews concocted by our brewing brethren as any beer nerd.  Because our Colorado State Manufacturers license limits us to serving only the beers we brew in-house, we decided to invite a few of our favorite brewers to come to us!

Our first guests were the brewers of Saranac. We hold the brewers from Utica, New York in very high respect as their brews played a very large role in the inspiration for Denver Beer Co.  If it wasn’t for mixed 12-packs from Saranac, Patrick and Charlie may have ended up consuming nothing but Beast Light in college. Thank goodness for Saranac.  Last year’s Continental Collide was brewed with 100% New York hops, so this year we feature New York grapes!  The New York must arrived in Denver and was blended into a beautiful, straw-colored saison.  This beer will be delicate, fruity, and rich.  Thanks go to Rich, Nick, Fred, and Meghan for joining us in Denver to create Continental Collide Part Deux!

The next brew is a collaboration with the fine brewers from Pizza Port in Carlsbad, California.  This brewery is known for HOPS!!!  And that’s in all caps for a reason –Pizza Port wrote the book on enhancing hop aroma and flavor.  Obviously we had to brew an IPA with them.  When Mike, James, and Vince came out to Denver, we created a West Coast IPA at altitude. Mile High Tide IPA is the result.  Beach Bums and Ski Bums Unite!
We thought Pizza Port brought the HOP, but the boys from Telluride Brewing swing a huge hop hammer – and they swing it hard.  Our hop cooler hasn’t been raided this hard since the Keystone Light Beer Face Mafia came through town.  We mashed together El Dorados, Mosaics, Citras, and Simcoes – the holy grail of hops. Den-U-Ride Double Belgian IPA is the result, and it is gonna put the hurt on ya.  But that’s just what Chris and Tommy from Telluride were hoping for when they came to the big city.  It is the GABF after all!

As if the previous three weren’t enough to get your heart fluttering, we rounded out the collaborations with Craig Mycoskie of Rahr Brewery in Texas. The resulting Prairies and Peaks Coffee Stout is actually a four-way collaboration brew as Craig brought up 12 lbs. of Guatemalan coffee beans from the Avoca Coffee Roasters in Ft. Worth and we cold extracted 12 lbs. of Kenyan coffee beans from CODA coffee, our favorite local roaster.  The result is going to be a rich, roasty, complex stout that will be sure to keep you as caffeinated as a truck driver carrying a load clear across the Lone Star State.   Or at least will keep you from passing out in the beergarden after a long afternoon at GABF.

Gathering these beers and brewers together exemplified the collaborative nature of craft beer and the communal tendencies of all craft brewers.  We shared tips, techniques, jokes, and beers with these amazing brewers, and we look forward to doing the same with you on Friday, October 11th.  Come out to our street party, visit with each of these fine brewers, and I promise you will learn something about beer and brewing.  We sure did!

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