Cerveceria Colorado, a new craft brewery concept from Denver Beer Co., will open doors on Platte Street in Spring, 2018 | Denver Beer Company
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The BlogCerveceria Colorado, a new craft brewery concept from Denver Beer Co., will open doors on Platte Street in Spring, 2018
The Blog

Cerveceria Colorado, a new craft brewery concept from Denver Beer Co., will open doors on Platte Street in Spring, 2018

February 14, 2018

Craft brewery will explore and celebrate the diverse flavors of Mexico, seeking to build bridges, not walls, in Colorado communities.


Denver, Colo. (February 13, 2018) –  Cerveceria Colorado, a craft brewery focused on celebrating the culture and flavors of Mexico, will soon arrive on Platte Street as a new concept from Denver Beer Co. The new brewery is located at 1635 Platte Street, the space that formerly housed the Denver Beer Co. Barrel Room. Cerveceria Colorado will utilize recipes inspired by and developed in partnership with several Mexican craft breweries, highlighting the idea that craft beer is an inclusive, collaborative, and celebratory art.

Cerveceria Colorado will brew beers utilizing traditional Mexican ingredients and flavors such as cinnamon, chillies, nopal, chocolate, mole, lime, and agave. Many of the recipes will be created in collaboration with Mexican craft breweries including Cerveceria de Colima, La Bru, Cerveceria Escollo, and Casa Cerveza Cru Cru which will highlight the heritage and unique character of Mexico’s diverse regions.

“I have been fortunate enough to travel throughout Mexico and brew with some of the country’s innovators in craft brewing,” stated Denver Beer Co. head brewer Jason Buehler. “These brewers create excellent craft beer using fresh, local ingredients and have been kind enough to teach me about the different flavor profiles and unique characteristics of traditional Mexican spices and plants.  There is a mutual excitement between our brewery and those we have connected with in Mexico to continue to collaborate.  Cerveceria Colorado will be the podium on which we can showcase these collaborative brews and spectacular flavors.”

Cerveceria Colorado will feature mural art from local renowned artists Pedro Barrios and Jamie Molina, and will depict themes and symbols from Latino culture.  The interior design, from Ramona Burns, will include carefully curated pieces from Mexico to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere for patrons.  Spectrum Contractors is managing the buildout of the space.

“We sincerely believe that brewing and enjoying beer is a uniting experience,” stated co-founder Charlie Berger. “We hope Cerveceria Colorado’s beers spark thoughtful discussion and inspire exploration. Craft beer is a wonderful way to find common ground and to expand horizons.”

“Cerveceria Colorado is our way of creating a bridge, as opposed to a wall, in our community,” continued co-founder Patrick Crawford. “Cerveceria Colorado is built on the concept of inclusivity.  The taproom will be a welcoming space.  We hope it is a place where people arrive with an open mind to try new things and celebrate cultural diversity.”

Cerveceria Colorado is expected to open in Spring, 2018. For more information, visit www.cerveceriacolorado.com or visit us on social media @cerveceriacolorado.   




About Cerveceria Colorado

Cerveceria Colorado believes beer is inclusive, collaborative, and celebratory.  We seek to honor the traditions, flavors and culture of Mexico by utilizing traditional Mexican ingredients, flavors, and processes to create innovative styles of beer.  Our beer is brewed to be shared with family and neighbors, and to build bridges, not walls, in our communities. www.cerveceriacolorado.com


About Denver Beer Co.

The idea behind Denver Beer Co is simple. Good beer is best enjoyed with friends, fresh air, and a bit of adventurous spirit to sharpen the palate. Our craft brewery specializes in artisan and seasonal varieties of premium ales and lagers made from the best ingredients around. Brewed with traditional methods and innovative spirit, our beer is always fresh and flavorful. At Denver Beer Co. we believe life is fun.www.denverbeerco.com

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