To everything there is a season...  A time to drink rich full-bodied brew, a time for light refreshing pint. Our beers embrace the changing seasons.  At Denver Beer Co. we’re adventurous and always willing to try something new. So when the crazy idea to brew a beer with lychee nuts and star fruit pops into our head, we might just try it out. As a result, your taste buds will always have the opportunity to dance to a new tune.  The beers on tap change weekly, here's what we have On Tap right now!


Kuhrs Kolsch- Born in Cologne, this timeless style is made for bright spring days.  Sweet grain tones marry with mild Hallertau hop notes on the nose while the drink is refreshingly crisp with bready malt notes, light tropical hop tones leading to a clean finish of drying pear tones.   5.2%  ABV

Amarillo Session Ale- Built like an IPA but with a lighter body and lower ABV, this "Session Ale" is a crowd pleaser.  Brewed using only Amarillo hops gives a nose of bright orange zest and tropical fruits while the drink is refreshing and balanced with just a hint of malty sweetness leading to a clean finish.   4.8%  ABV

That's All I Have To "SAY"-son- An American twist on this Belgian classic, we've dry hopped our Saison with El Durado and Simcoe hops to give a unique profile of flavors marrying with the traditional Belgian funk notes.  5.6%  ABV

Incredible Pedal IPA- Made with “Pedal Power,” this American IPA greets you with lush floral, citrus, and tropical fruit on the nose.  This medium bodied ale with a touch of sweetness gears you up for a finish full of tangerines and grapefruit .  A hoppy beauty that will take you for a ride!! 7% ABV

Graham Cracker Porter-  Like a campfire in a glass, this robust beauty has seductive notes of vanilla, smoked cedar, and mulling spices.  A dark pour with mild lacing, she is a rollercoaster of lush chocolate diving into a semi-dry finish of roasted malt and biscuit.  5.6% AB

Yirgacheffe Coffee IPA- A dark copper pour has notes of bold hops and roasty coffee on the nose.  Brewed with actual coffee, this IPA is complex and full bodied with a surprising coffee finish.    6.5%  ABV