Our Philosophy

We love the Denver lifestyle and wanted to create a brewery that matches our city’s personality.  Denverites work hard, and play even harder.  And after a long slog at the office or a gnarly mountain bike ride there is nothing better than a friendly place to sit and relax with friends and a pint.  We welcome both oxford shirts and dirty shorts.  Dogs are welcome too.  Denver Beer Co is a community where patrons will likely meet a new ski buddy and swap scar stories with strangers.


We care about our planet!  At Denver Beer Co. we do our part to minimize our impact on the earth.  Our brewery utilizes a hot water recycling system to conserve energy.  When possible, we source our ingredients locally and donate our spent grains to local farmers to reduce and reuse brewery waste.  Our bar is built from Colorado beetle kill pine and many of the brewery’s design elements were salvaged from local scrap yards.  In the words of Oscar the Grouch “it’s not easy being green,”  please let us know if you have any other ideas for how Denver Beer Co. can improve.