Meet Zoe, Your Official DBC Explorer Ambassador!

Hi my name is Zoe. As your official DBC Explorer Ambassador I will be there to encourage all of you in your ventures. As a native Coloradoan, I have a compelling enthusiasm to explore two things -the outdoors and beer. So, when Denver Beer Co. approached me, proposing that they would be combining two of my passions in a most adventurous and fun way, I was in.

What is a DBC Explorer you might ask? A DBC Explorer is a person who is always up for a challenge. Someone who isn’t afraid to try something new or go off the beaten path. Someone who craves adventure. Someone who works hard and plays harder. And of course, someone who has the insatiable thirst for good beer.

You think you have what it takes? Grab a six-pack of Incredible Pedal IPA and Graham Cracker Porter, find the coordinate on the can, and start searching for locations across the beautiful state of Colorado. When you get there enjoy the view, have a tasty beer, and send us a picture of your accomplishment. And lest I forget, once you get to all 24 locations you have a chance to win free beer for a year. Sounds like a win-win to me.

So get out there and start your exploration. #DBCExplorer

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