Denver Beer Co is seeking Beertenders

Our Mission:

Independently owned and operated, Denver Beer Co. is founded on the core belief that beer is serious fun. Using locally sourced grain and the finest ingredients available, traditional methods and innovative spirit, our team creates craft beer that is approachable, fun, damn delicious and consistently wins awards to prove it.  We believe in environmental stewardship and our corporate responsibility to operate sustainably which is why we produce our beer using 100% clean solar power. We believe in creating and supporting an accepting community where good beer can be enjoyed with friends and neighbors, loved ones and strangers.

The Position:

Denver Beer Co is hiring bartenders at all locations.

Overall, we want someone with a passion for the industry and our beer, strong work ethic. Our candidate must enjoy working as part of a team.  We are a company that prides itself on a work-hard, play-hard attitude and this person must show this mentality everyday.  We are serious about our beer so you must love to talk about beer, dream about beer, read poetry to beer, drink beer and do it responsibly.  We are looking for someone who is dedicated to providing the highest quality customer service in Denver while living the Colorado beer culture that is fast, fun, and informative.  We need someone who is willing to go above and beyond to ensure guests are always satisfied. We aren’t afraid to get a little dirty, so if washing a few dishes or pushing a mop gives you the chills, it is gonna be a bumpy ride.  Late nights, weekends and a flexible schedule are expected.  Our candidate must help us create and maintain a warm, open community among our co-workers and our customers.  We want someone with the stamina to answer the same simple questions thousands of times with a smile on your face 100% of the time.  We need you to confidently take charge and take responsibility when your assistance is requested. This position is an opportunity to be challenged personally and professionally, and have a lot of fun.

Who we are looking for:


Pay Range:

$11.75/Hour + Tips

To apply for this job please do the following:

  1. Please write us a letter answering including the following:
    1. Please explain why this position is a fit for you and why are you a fit for us.
    2. Tell us about a time or situation where you went above and beyond expectations.
    3. Tell us about a time you demonstrated camaraderie.
    4. If you were a beer style, what beer would you be and why?

Please do not send your resume. Application letters should be sent to We will respond to applicants who resonate with our team and our culture.