Denver Beer Co. is seeking a Full-Time Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver
Salary: $18 Hourly

Job Description

This position is responsible for delivering kegs and package beer to each of our Denver taproom locations.  Tasks included in this position involve lifting 180lbs kegs shoulder height several times a day.  Lifting and bending repetitively are required.  

Job Responsibilities

Minimum Qualifications

Our Mission:
The idea behind Denver Beer Co is simple. Good beer is best enjoyed with friends, fresh air, and a bit of adventurous spirit to sharpen the palate. Our craft brewery specializes in artisan and seasonal varieties of premium ales and lagers made from the best ingredients around. Brewed with traditional methods and innovative spirit, our beer is always fresh and flavorful. At Denver Beer Co we believe life is fun. 

Who We Are:

Independently owned and operated, Denver Beer Co. is founded on the core belief that beer is serious fun. Using locally sourced grain and the finest ingredients available, traditional methods and innovative spirit, our team creates craft beer that is approachable, fun, damn delicious and consistently wins awards to prove it.  We believe in environmental stewardship and our corporate responsibility to operate sustainably, which is why we produce our beer using 100% clean solar power. We believe in creating and supporting an accepting community where good beer can be enjoyed with friends and neighbors, loved ones and strangers. 

Do you think you would like to join our team? Qualified candidates please submit your resume and the attributes you’ll bring to the DBC Crew that separates you from other candidates to