Denver Beer Co. is seeking a Director of Human Resources and Culture

Our Mission:

Independently owned and operated, Denver Beer Co. is founded on the core belief that beer is serious fun. Using locally sourced grain and the finest ingredients available, traditional methods and innovative spirit, our team creates craft beer that is approachable, fun, damn delicious and consistently wins awards to prove it. We believe in environmental stewardship and our corporate responsibility to operate sustainably which is why we produce our beer using 100% clean solar power. We believe in creating and supporting an accepting community where good beer can be enjoyed with friends and neighbors, loved ones and strangers.

The Position:

We need a human to lead our humans.  Our ideal candidate has broad insight into our human capital.  They know accounting, leadership, and what motivates people.  They must have a strong business sense.  We have a great culture but are looking to take it to the next level by building upon our standards and ensuring our team is both aligned and motivated by them.  As our business grows, our needs are constantly changing.  This person must know where we are going and ensure we have the right team members to take us where we want to be months before we get there.  This person must know how to drive change while maintaining or improving morale.  

Primary Responsibilities

Knowledge and Skills Required:

Salary Range:

$70,000 – $110,000, Depending on Experience

Work Environment:

Compensation for this position will be based on experience. We offer a competitive wage, health insurance, and 401K for this full time position.  Qualified candidates please submit a letter with resume answering the below questions to

  1. Tell us why this position is a fit for you, and why you are a fit for us.
  2. Describe how you have led an organization through the pandemic and what changes you have delivered to your organization over the last year.