Cerveceria Colorado is seeking a Brand Manager

Our Mission:

Cerveceria Colorado believes beer is inclusive, collaborative, and celebratory.  We seek to honor the traditions, cuisine and culture of Mexico by utilizing traditional Mexican ingredients, flavors, and processes to create innovative styles of beer.  Our beer is brewed to be shared with family and neighbors, and to create bridges, not walls in our communities.

The Position:

This position will report to our Marketing Director and will work closely with our Sales Team and Taproom Team.  

We are looking for someone who can embody the Cerveceria Colorado brand. We want you to feel as passionately about our vision as we do. We want you to understand what makes Cerveceria Colorado unique and differentiated in a crowded craft beer market. You will need to be familiar with the beer business and be able to creatively come up with ways for Cerveceria Colorado to stand out in customers’ minds. We want you to be able to speak with the voice of the brand in person, and online, and be able to communicate our mission to those who have never heard of the brand. We need you to be intimately familiar with the cuisine, culture, and traditions of Mexico and bring creative ideas to the table for our brewers and our marketing teams to work with. Internal communication skills are essential as well, as you will be working across multiple departments to bring your creative ideas to life. Collaborating with nonprofits and other strategic partners will be a constant part of the role.  We are seeking a person with a strong entrepreneurial spirit that will attack this role like their own small business.  

Functions of the role include but are not limited to: 

Knowledge and Skills Required:

Work Environment:

Compensation for this position will be based on experience. We offer a competitive wage, health insurance, and 401K for this full time position.  You are going to represent our brand and we want you to embody all of the things we stand for. Qualified candidates please submit the following to Charlie@cerveceriacolorado.com

  1. Tell us why this position is a fit for you, and why you are a fit for us.
  2. What is your biggest strength and why is that an asset to our growing company?
  3. What is one bold idea for Cerveceria Colorado?