A Photo Tour of Canworks!

I’ve been walking around with my camera for the last few weeks and snapping photos of our construcion progess at the Cannery.  Check it out!


Our fermentors arrived in a parade of four trucks. That was an exciting day!


Turns out the fermentors did not fit through the existing door, like we thought. So, instead of knocking out door number one later that week, we had to speed that project up, to like NOW, whoops.


Later that week the three vessel brew house arrived from Canada!  The mash/lauter tun arrived on its side and tipping it into place was a nerve-racking experience.


Phew!  Here the mash/lauter sits properly on all four legs.


The next day we started setting tanks into place on the brewhouse pad.  The hot and cold liquor tanks are on the left and the whirlpool on the right.


Slowly but surely we get the tanks into place.

In house bad-ass, Dave, has welded over 600 feet of pipe for chilled water and steam to keep your wort hot and your beer cold!


And here she is, with most of the piping in place and almost ready to brew.


We are also installing a fancy new lab complete with crazy-ass floors.  The lab will ensure fresh quality beer at all times in cans and kegs.


We can’t wait for construction to be done. We are all very excited to begin putting beer in these things! Keep an eye out for them!

For more fun pictures of construction check out our flickr page.

– Patrick

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