Meet our #DBCExplorer Ambassadors

At Denver Beer Co. we believe that life is fun! We think you should get out and climb that 14’er, run those rapids, bike that trail, and wash it all down with great beer shared with friends. We’ve selected a team of people who get out there and do just that, live it up! Our #DBCExplorer Ambassadors will be chronicling their adventures, letting you in on their “secret spots”, and leading trips for you all to get out and join them! We can’t wait to start exploring with these awesome ambassadors!

Meet our #DBCExplorer Ambassadors

#DBCExplorer Ambassadors

Logan Williams

Raised in the Tahoe wilderness by a family of bears, I grew up doing some pretty neat things. I was lucky to be exposed to and became skilled in backpacking, alpine racing, hiking, climbing trees, cross country mountain bike riding, and mountaineering. I dabbled in personal training for a time and athletic development. Since moving to Colorado I have pursued these passions and even taken up sport climbing as a new endeavor. Along with this, I am currently pursing the goal of summiting all 14ers in a calendar year to raise awareness for Alzheimer's, a disease my grandfather is battling with now. My dream is to open my own brewey and coffee shop to build community. I love, laugh, and live big. Everyone has a story, and I want to hear/be a part of as many as possible. Cheers and don't be shy if you see me outside or sipping on a cold one, always say hi!

Follow Logan's Adventures on Instagram: @logiebear775

Natalie Magee

I’m a self-proclaimed vampire who spends nights at 38,000 feet as a flight attendant and days instructing cycle, yoga and barre classes at various studios. Most days I function on 4-5 hours of sleep as I prefer hiking after work over napping. Coffee gets me through the day and Denver Beer Company’s Graham Cracker Porter gets me through the evening when I’m not working.

Obviously raising my daughter, flying, and teaching 12 classes a week isn’t enough so I busy myself hiking 14ers of which I have 16 left. Three years ago I started my own business called Yogi Magee Expeditions which offers yoga adventure retreats. My greatest pleasure in life comes from introducing others to my passions and pushing them past their physical and mental limits. Hosting retreats has allowed me to explore and travel while making connections with many amazing people. Adventure seeking is what motivates me to move every day.

Follow Natalie's adventures on Instagram: @yogimagee

Mike Hurd

I'm Mike, and I've been living in Colorado since I was 5, so I guess you could say I've picked up all the bad habits any red blooded Coloradan acquires over time. I'm pretty good at drinking beer. I treat my dogs (pure mutts, damn straight) better than most people treat their children. I live in a 2 human, 6 bicycle household. I can outcook your newly remodeled kitchen with my $30 MSR Pocket Rocket. And I enjoy most of my free time playing in the dirt. Filthy, muddy, soul cleansing dirt. I'm usually lost in the woods somewhere every weekend with my highly regarded pack of savages at Trails, Tails & Ales training for an ultra or getting weird.

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