GABF recap

With the booth back in the shed, streets seeming empty, lanyards thrown away, and nothing but silence from crowds after a glass falls to the ground, you know GABF is over.  More than 49,000 beer-loving bodies flood the city for the 3day festival which year after year secures itself as the largest beerfest in the world.  This year ontop of pouring at our booth, we were one of 10 breweries in the country selected and paired with a restaurant for the Farm to Table pavilion.  Offering a more intimate tasting area as well as food parings, this was an excellent part of the festival that is not to be missed.  We were teamed up with Lola restaurant, one of our many neighbors across the highway in the Highlands.  The result was a beautiful marriage of hand crafted beer and food:
Our first offering at the farm to table section we poured our Hey Pumpkin beer which was paired with sage duck confit finished with a habanero/carrot reduction.

The second offering was smoked oyster& chorizo bread pudding beautifully paired with our 2011 GABF medal winning Graham Cracker Porter.

Back at the booth the beers were flying as the line stayed steady through every session with patrons standing with glasses in hand, eagerly waiting a fill of Graham Cracker Porter, Hey Pumpkin!, Rauchbier, Kaffir Lime Wheat, and, Pueblo Chile Beer.

(Christie, myself, and Lindsey behind our georgous booth)

At the taproom festivities were had including the tapping of Continental Collide, our RYE IPA collaboration with Saranac Brewery from New York.  Patrick and Charlie shared many of their beers while attending Colgate University so the idea to collaborate came about quite easily.   Featuring all Colorado malts and Hops shipped from New York, it has a unique balance of sweet malts and fresh hops. 

(Denver Beer Co & Saranac tapping the Continental Collide)

Long into the Friday night the beers were flowing like wine as the Kentucky Street Parlor Pickers rocked the night away, starting one hell of a dance party which turned into the craziest party we’ve had… yet…
As the tents are packed and specialty beers run out, we look back at the amazing brews that linger in our minds amidst the thousands poured over the weekend.  Barrel of Belgians, Incredible Pedal IPA, and, Bock to the Future were the favorites for Charlie…  Amidst some tweaking throughout its appearances, Confluence Pale Ale was Patrick’s favorite of the bunch…  After racking my (Casey) brain about which won my heart over the year between GABF 2011, I have to go with Whakapapa IPA.  We’d love to hear from you as to which of our brews tickled your fancy over the past year; let us know on facebook or better yet, over your next pint at the brewery.