Jul 17 2014

Cheers to all of you, Our Customers!

We would like to give a big Denver Beer Co “Cheers” to all of you, our Customers!  Some of you are down at the tap room during the week & weekends chatting with the beertenders and enjoying a beer.  Others are the customers celebrating in the Barrel Room.  Still others are the bars, restaurants & liquor store employees who believe in us and sell our products at your establishments.  Without you we would have never gotten this brewery off the ground, let alone experience the growth and expansion of this summer.

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Jun 25 2014

Summah Time!

Dust off the bike, slap on some sunscreen, fire up the grill, and get ready Denver... summer is definitely here! 


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Jun 13 2014

A Photo Tour of Canworks Progress!

I've been walking around with my camera for the last few weeks and snapping photos of our construcion progess at Canworks.  



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May 15 2014


It’s that time of year, folks! It’s time for the 3rd Annual Denver Beer Co. Hop Swap!

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Apr 01 2014

Like meeting an online girlfriend in person for the first time

As you have probably heard, we are working on building a second brewery and production facility which means we’ve been shopping for a new brewhouse!

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Feb 26 2014

Oh, The Places You’ll Go!!!

Original poetry by Nick Swingler, International Man of Mystery, Beer Slinger, Mustache Purveyor, Poet, and Captain of Beer Force One.

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Jan 17 2014

Big Start, Big Year

The month of January can mean different things for many people:  new year, settling in after the holidays, resolutions… On Platte Street, January means a ton of exciting events to start what is sure to be a pretty exciting year!

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Dec 16 2013

News Flash: Beer Pairs Well with Parties

The craft beer culture is definitely alive and well here is Colorado, however, there are still some folks out there (my mother-in-law) who aren’t quite convinced (gasp!) So, before we write those people out of our wills or unfriend them on Facebook, I have an idea to help encourage these fuddy-duds to open their minds to the amazingness of beer. (this would also be great for folks who already appreciate the amazingness of beer. AKA: our true friends)

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Nov 15 2013

Time for feasting…with beer

Fall is also a time for feasting.  Pot roasts on Sunday, ribs on the smoker and of course a big fat Thanksgiving turkey.  So what beer goes best with these amazing feasts?  Here is my list of beers to try next time you gather round the table.

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Oct 25 2013

Denver Beer Co. is growing, Growing, GROWING!

Hello Denver Beer Co. fans!  If you haven't already heard - we are expanding!  Denver Beer Co. is under contract to purchase a large warehouse space in north Sunnyside which will soon house a production brewery and canning line.  We expect our first cans and bottles to hit the market as soon as June, 2014.  Yeehaw!  By next summer, you'll be able to take your favorite Denver Beer Co. beers on a boat, on a bike, or a hike...  The official press release is copied below, read on to find out all the details!


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Oct 10 2013

Collaboration CELEBRATION!

We are getting excited for Friday and the tapping party for our four Collaboration brews. If you haven't already heard, we will be closing down 17th Street and hosting a PARTY!!!  The Collaboration Celebration will feature beers co-brewed with four of the country’s top breweries.

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Oct 07 2013


It is going to be a fun week! Here is what we have going on. Come hang out with us!


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Oct 03 2013

There’s Something About Graham Cracker Porter

We are currently serving batch #324 at the taproom and that struck a chord with me.  324... 

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Aug 13 2013

We have camping growlers!

We got camping growlers!  You heard us right, Denver Beer Co. draft beer outside!

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Jun 07 2013

A Drop in the Bucket…

At Denver Beer Co to date we have brewed approximately 2300 Barrels of beer in the 21 ish months we have been open. That’s a lot of beer.  But when you take into account all the beer that has ever been brewed in this town, even on our city block, that isn’t even a drop in the bucket!

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Feb 09 2013

I’m really excited about 2013

It’s an exciting time down here at the Brewery.  The Barrel Room is open, our new tanks are installed and we are ready to make some good beers.  After non-stop construction and a flurry or hiring over the past few months, we are ready to take the next step in our little brewery’s future.

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Jan 25 2013

the Barrel Room

Our Inaugural Beer Dinner was a great success! It was a fun way to break  in the new space. 

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Oct 23 2012

GABF recap

With the booth back in the shed, streets seeming empty, lanyards thrown away, and nothing but silence from crowds after a glass falls to the ground, you know GABF is over.  More than 49,000 beer-loving bodies flood the city

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Aug 14 2012

Year One Down!

August is marked by BBQ's, concerts, lazy, hot summer days and...the Denver Beer Co. 1st Anniversary Party.  If you missed out on our the party last Saturday you missed the party of the year!  With beers flowing, food from Basic Kneads, Chili Billy, and Uber Sausage, live music and perfect weather, our outdoor party area was a sweet spot to spend the day on Platte Street.

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May 09 2012

Beer Dinners - a party for your mouth

For those of you who haven’t been to a beer dinner, it's time to hop on board. (pun intended)   Most people have heard of wine and food pairings, but if you want to be truly avant garde try a beer pairing.

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Feb 23 2012

First Annual Coffee Beer Festival

At 9am on Saturday February 18th, crowds lined up to indulge in our first ever “Coffee Beer Festival.”  The beautiful weather made for some great beergarden action as the 80ish sold out crowd dove into a sea of unlimited tastes of dark, roasty, brews complimented best only by free coffee, a breakfast burrito, and unlimited bacon… yes, 45 pounds of fresh bacon


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Feb 23 2012

Our First Collaboration Brew!

This Saturday we are releasing our very first Collaboration Brew created with the fine folks up at Upslope Brewing Company in Boulder, Colorado.  We had a great time collaborating with the Upslope guys on everything from conceptualization to tapping.  At Denver Beer Co we pride ourselves on making beers that complement the seasons.  Upslope has a tradition of fine canned beers and award winning small batch brews (they won Gold at the GABF for their Pumpkin Beer).  We are perfect partners for a Collaboration brew and created a beer that highlights the best characteristics of both Breweries' styles.

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Dec 13 2011

First Ever Beer Dinner: The Recap!

We opened our doors one fine evening in November for our first Beer Dinner held at the brewery!  It was a huge success and if you weren't there to enjoy it, here's a recap of the flavor-filled evening...

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Oct 27 2011

We got Firkins!

Well actually they are "pins," but are just as much fun.  Pins and Firkins are a traditional British way to serve beer.  The beer is naturally carbonated and served without adding CO2.

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Oct 05 2011

Graham Cracker Porter, the story behind a GABF Medal Winner!

Given that the fourth batch of beer ever brewed at Denver Beer Co. has been awarded a bronze medal at the world’s most prestigious beer competition, I thought that it would be appropriate to share some of the back story behind this unique brew.

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Sep 19 2011

GABF Tappings

  The time has come for the largest beer festival in the world to roll into our fair city, the Great American Beer Festival houses over 2,000 beers to be enjoyed by close to 50,000 beer lovers from across the world.  The much anticipated 3-day festival is always one to not be missed, but just in case you did miss out on the sold-out event (or even if you are going but are looking for some gems to sip on outside the busy festival), here's our schedule of special tappings throughout the GABF week!

  With these fresh favorites from the brewery we may be busting out some barrel-aged goodies!



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Sep 14 2011

USA Today named us a “10 great places to dig in at a beer garden!”

We are pleased to announce that USA Today named us one of their "10 great places to dig in at a beer garden!"  What an honor!

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Aug 16 2011

New Beers, first special ever!

New Beers, and our first special ever!

Thanks to all you thirsty lovers of beer we have officially “kicked” our first brew:  at approximately 12:49pm on Saturday, August 13th, 2011 Kaffir Lime Wheat bit the dust.  As the last breath escaped the pour spout, eyes were fixed, an odd silence fell over the brewery just as the calm before the storm when the first words from brewmaster Charlie Berger “that’s it for Kaffir Lime!!..” echoed throughout the taproom with applause following.  Fear not, it will return but in the mean time we have 2 more brews that are sure to be crowd-pleasures.

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Aug 15 2011

Opening Weekend

What a crazy weekend!  Thank you one and all for coming out for our opening weekend.  We enjoyed meeting you all and hope you had as good of a time as us.  Friday started off with a bang

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Aug 11 2011

One More Day

One More Day

The time has come, the curtains near drawn, bar polished and all hands on deck ready for tomorrow’s Grand Opening.  Throughout the week we have been testing systems, tweaking and adjusting, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, preparing for your eager mouths to come enjoy 6 of our proudly brewed beverages.  A milestone for Denver Beer Co, and what’s sure to be one hell of a party, tomorrow is an event not to be missed.  Doors will be opening at noon, ribbon cutting at 7, and beer enjoying with friends old, and new, will be happening all throughout the day.


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Aug 03 2011

7 New Beers, 7 New Reasons to Love Denver Beer Co

With opening day fast approaching (August 12th), brews bubbling, and building anticipation that rivals Christmas Day,  we present a VIP look at the “first seven”. Much hard work and some comedic errors went into the making of these beers.  So enjoy, as the near future yields different recipes, styles, and a countless new variations to try.

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