Arvada Mayor Marc Williams Brews Water Tower Wit with Denver Beer Co. to Raise Funds for Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation

Mayor selects non profit foundation to be beneficiary of sales of Water Tower Wit, an Olde Town Arvada exclusive brew.

Denver, Colo. (September 13 , 2017) –  Denver Beer Co. today announced that September 21, 2017 will be the release date and kick-off party for Water Tower Wit, an Olde Town Arvada exclusive brew made in partnership with Arvada Mayor Marc Williams.  Mayor Williams selected the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation (RMCHF), whose headquarters are in Arvada, to be the non profit beneficiary of Denver Beer Co.’s Arvada exclusive brew.  For each pint, keg, or crowler sold in the Denver Beer Co. Olde Town Arvada taproom, a portion of proceeds will be donated to the Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation.  For each keg sold to an Olde Town Arvada bar or restaurant, Denver Beer Co. will make a $40 donation and for each pint, 

Denver Beer Co. will donate $.50 to the organization.

The Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation is based in Arvada, Colorado and operates with a mission to enhance the quality of life for pediatric patients and their families in the Rocky Mountain region. Throughout the year, Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation provides direct assistance to more than 4,000 pediatric patients and their families in need. RMCHF offers a variety of services including Patient & Family Assistance, which provides direct support to patients and families to help cover critical non-medical costs such as gas and grocery cards, taxi vouchers, social worker and emergency assistance 

grants to families in need of assistance; The Stink Bug Project, which supports families who have a child diagnosed with a serious medical condition by matching well-trained, loving companion dogs with families; and Mothers’ Milk Bank, a non profit milk bank that collects, processes and provides donor human milk to fragile babies across the country.

“We are excited to partner with Mayor Williams and Rocky Mountain Children’s Health Foundation to make this special Arvada brew,” stated Denver Beer Co. co-founder Charlie Berger.  “As a business we really hope to engage with our local communities and use conscious business practices to support our fellow Coloradans. Water Tower Wit is our way of supporting the Arvada community and Colorado families in need.”

Water Tower Wit, a traditionally inspired Belgian Wit brewed with lemon peel, sweet orange peel and coriander, will only be available in Olde Town Arvada and sales will benefit the RMCHF.  Earlier this month, Mayor Williams helped Denver Beer Co. brewers mash in and brew the beer.  The Mayor’s beer will be released on Thursday, September 21, 2017 from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. in Olde Town Arvada.  Representatives from RMCHF will be in attendance to share more information on the organization and how donated funds from Denver Beer Co. will be utilized to support Colorado families.  In addition, RMCHF will host a Diaper Drive to benefit local families during the kick-off event for Diaper Needs Awareness Month.

Following the kick-off party, Water Tower Wit will be available on draft and to-go in Denver Beer Co.’s Olde Town Arvada taproom as well as other restaurants and bars in Olde Town Arvada. For more information, visit

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